About us !

REVIC was founded in 2002 and since then became one of the leaders in its segment. Our aim is to be one the most recognized brand of meat processing machines.
Main advantages of REVIC are high quality, durability, reliability and great service. Wide range of products and pioneer solutions proves that REVIC consists of highly-skilled and experienced specialists. Our mixing, grinding, slaughtering and hygienic equipment is available in either standard or custom designs, to meet your specific needs. The company has a growing reputation for innovative engineering, durable construction and great price.
REVIC equipment is designed and built in Poland. Every piece of equipment and every machine produced by REVIC meets CE requirements and IP65 standard. REVIC is a manufacturer of approximately 200 models of machines and equipment for food processing and also customizable technological lines for slaughtering, deboning and meat processing. Each of our machines have developed a great reputation for efficiency, reliability and cost effective usage. Our trading network reaches every continent and our machines are present in 40 different countries! Our plant is fully equipped with advanced engineering and manufacturing tools, which makes it possible to meet every needs you have!